Friday, 8 February 2013

Baju Kurung; Part 4: How to make the neck/leher for baju kurung

There are many methods of making the neck for baju kurung. For most, using an interfacing and bias binder. I somehow like to use the traditional method... it is slightly tedious and time consuming but the result is definitely better than former.


1. Place the neck interfacing (wrong side up) over the hole of the neck (right side up).
2. pin the interfacing over the neck of the dress.

4. machine stitch or hand stitch (back stitches) 2/8 inches away from the raw edges of the neck.

5. make a slant nip using scissor at the end of each side of the neckline. Trim the interfacing with scissors so that it is 1 inch in width.

6. fold the interfacing inside out.

7. press iron the neck hole.
8. Hand stich the interfacing to the dress using sembat stitches.
I usually do the bottom part last since it is the most difficult part to sembat.

9. Finally add decorative stitches like mata lalat, sulam karipap or tulang belut at the edges of the neck.

Now you are done for a day...


  1. Hi, are you going to post a tutorial on making the skirt soon? I have just completed the dress part by following your blog today ^^

  2. My finished dress is also waiting for the skirt tutorial ^_^